Rant of the Week


I just want to do my part to make sure that nobody forgets that Janet Reno was the worst attorney-general in the history of the United States, though John Ashcroft did everything he could to give her a run for the money.

To refresh your memory, check the link above.  She was responsible for the Country Walk child ritual abuse case-- otherwise known as the "witch hunt".  She was responsible for Waco.  Otherwise known as the "those people with guns in that house are very nervous-- is there something we can do to set them off" case.  She was responsible for Kenneth Starr.  She was responsible for the outrageous treatment of Henry Cisneros.  Janet Reno is something of a psychopath.

Even though she's been out of office for six years now (it was rumored that Clinton wanted to fire her, but couldn't, of course, while he was being investigated for wearing a blue dress in the Oval Office).   Maybe she is relaxing in her Florida home thinking that in a few more years, everyone will forget about the Cisneros and Starr and Waco and start to hold banquets in her honor.

This is a humble start, but someone has to make the effort to keep the memory of her incompetence alive.

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