Rant of the Week

Cape Buffalo Taser


There is a famous video on Youtube of an amazing encounter between a herd of cape buffalo and a group of lions in Kruger National Park in South Africa.  You've probably seen it.  A herd of unaware cape buffalo are strolling along a river bank towards several lions lying in the grass snoozing.  The lions wake up, smell lunch coming, and approach the buffalo.  The buffalo become a little tentative, pawing and snorting, until the lions make their move.  The buffalo turn to flee but the lions pick out a juvenile and tackle him on the fly and roll him into the river.  While five lions try to drag the wailing buffalo onto dry land, two crocodiles suddenly emerge from the surface of the water and a ridiculous, horrifying tug-of-war ensues.  The lions eventually prevail, but just as they are getting ready to dine, lo and behold, the herd of buffalo return, shyly, teasingly.  Individuals charge forward, change their minds, and return to the herd.  Finally a bold one or two take a run at the lions.   One of them actually flips a lioness into the air.  She flees, and as the adult buffalo close in, one by one, the other lions  abandon their meal.  Miraculously, the juvenile has survived and runs back to the protection of the herd.

There is another video on youtube of a herd of students listening to John Kerry speak.  Some security guards are nearby, dozing.  One student boldly asks a difficult question.  You can hear that he has become emotional-- bad move.  The security guards move in and try to remove him from the herd.  And the rest of the herd sits on their hands and does nothing, except for one young woman who screams at the guards.  The crocodiles join in and hold the boy down while the security guards taser him several times.  The herd does nothing.  The herd sits on their hands.  That's nature.  Survival of the strong.  Fortunately, some tourists were there at the time to capture this exciting moment of American democracy in action. 


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