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Time: 130

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Date: 2011-03-12

Movie #: 1673 Title: Incendies 2010

Rating: 8.50

Director (last): Villeneuve (first): Denis

Writer (last): Mouawad (first): Wajdi

Powerful film on the effects of civil war, developed around the death of a Lebanese Christian woman in Montreal and her legacy to her children: she asks them to find their father and brother, neither of whom they believed was alive. As they set out to track them down, they uncover their mother's tragic past, and it's ongoing threads to the present. The story is told in parallel, revealing the destructive fragments of ethnic and religious hatreds. One scene, reminiscent of "Sophie's Choice", was nearly explosive.

Is this movie a "gem"? No

Evil Twin: Sophie's Choice

Good Twin:


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