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Time: 123

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Date: 2012-01-02

Movie #: 1764 Title: Separation 2011

Rating: 8.70

Director (last): Farhadi (first): Ashgar

Writer (last): Farhadi (first): Ashgar

The movie begins with Nadar and Simin in some kind of small court, in Teheran, appealing directly to the judge: Simin wants to leave Iran and take her daughter, Termeh, with. Nadar needs to stay where he is to look after his father, who suffers from Alzheimers. Simin moves back in with her mother while Termeh stays with her father and grandfather. Nadar hires a poor woman named Razieh to look after his father while he is at work and Termeh at school, but she leaves his father tied to bed one day to run an errand. Furious, Nadar shoves her out the door where she falls and appears to have a miscarriage. The pressure on all the characters ratchets up as Razieh's enraged husband Hodjat-- who sees this as a bit of a class war against the middle-class couple-- demands money to compensate him and Razieh. Not everything is as it seems, and Farhadi refuses to take any sides. A subtext of this movie, and a compelling facet of the story, is the roles of women in Iran. Exceptional. Leila Hatami is striking, and the daughter is played by the director's daughter, Sarina Farhadi.

Is this movie a "gem"? No

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