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Time: 99

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Date: 2014-08-15

Movie #: 2069 Title: World's Greatest Dad 2009

Rating: 8.00

Director (last): Goldthwait (first): Bobcat

Writer (last): Goldthwait (first): Bobcat

Intriguing dark comedy about a man whose son dies while applying asphyxia while masturbating. Lance Clayton writes a suicide note to cover up the embarrassment but the note becomes a hit at the high school where his son, Kyle, was otherwise despised. For good reason: he really was a jerk. Things get out of hand and Lance has to decide just how far he will let things spin, especially when people ask for a book, and personal appearances, and a library room is named for the deceased. Witty and sharp and very funny, one of Williams' best films (especially compared to a lot of the drek he has put out, like "Patch Adams"). Continuously surprising and daring, until the very end which consists of a misguided and poorly judged resolution that undermines the main point of this satire: how we reframe our relationships when necessary to illuminate our own goodness and virtue.

Is this movie a "gem"? No

Evil Twin:

Good Twin: Donnie Darko


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