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Date: 2017-10-14

Movie #: 2362 Title: Blade Runner 2049 2017

Rating: 7.40

Director (last): Villeneuve (first): Denis

Writer (last): Fancher (first): Hampton

It's 30 years later and "K" is a known replicant out doing his job killing rebellious replicants when he encounters a strange tree and possible hidden compartment. He finds the skeleton of a woman who appears to have died during a C-section in child-birth, which arouses the deep concern of Lieutenant Joshi, because replicants are supposed to be able to replicate. K tries to solve the mystery because, well, a number of absurd coincidences make it really, really important for him to do that. He tracks down Gaff in an old age home, and meets a sort of witch replicant who provides him with ridiculously specific details about Deckard, and then he tracks down Deckard who appears to me to have been waiting 30-years for K to show up and ask him some questions, but first, let's have a fight scene, with a convenient struggle that allows us to have dialogue so I can change my mind about killing you and we can be interrupted by the arrival of the evil corporate hack's agents, who want to send Deckard somewhere to be questioned more seriously, but really, to carelessly allow K to try to rescue Deckard.... It just piles on. It doesn't do enough to keep you distracted from all the holes in the plot, and certainly doesn't do enough to make you care about this story line. Unlike the first "Blade Runner", no case was made for why a replicant having a "soul" would be any different from a replicant without one, which is what, notwithstanding the method acting, K is.

Is this movie a "gem"? No

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Good Twin: Blade Runner


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