Category: Drama

Time: 104

Seen in Theatre? No

Date: 2023-11-24

Movie #: 2994 Title: Come Sunday 2018

Rating: 7.90

Director (last): Marston (first): Joshua

Writer (last): Hinchey (first): Marcus

The story of Carlton Pearson, a charismatic black Pentecostal preacher who, after considering the starving, dying children in Rwanda, re-examined his belief in hell and began preaching that all people are saved. He found bible verses that seemed to imply this conclusion while his congregation, and other church leaders, were appalled. His large, growing church soon lost most of its members, including almost all of its white members, and Oral Roberts, his mentor and father figure to him, repudiated him. Credit the film-makers with the wisdom of making Roberts and other leaders and rejectionists well-rounded personalities: they are not bigoted or cruel in "Come Sunday". And Pearson is not without flaws. Most interestingly, his wife is ambivalent. She doesn't seem to disagree with him though she regards his actions as foolish at times. Inspired by an episode of "This American Life" called "Heretic" in which he was interviewed by Ira Glass. Rather than a diatribe about close-minded, hateful bigots, "Come Sunday" is a compassionate and nuanced portrait of a conflicted pastor. For example, while he rejects the idea of eternal damnation, he still tells a gay musician in the church that his lifestyle is a sin. Far more interesting and affecting than I expected.

Is this movie a "gem"? No

Evil Twin:

Good Twin: Elmer Gantry


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