Rant of the Week

Microsoft Still Sucks


I recently reformatted my hard drive, erasing every last vestige of my bug-ridden, over-worked, over-loaded, registry polluted Windows 95 installation.  I thought it might help.  My hard disk was thrashing like crazy, programs froze-up, graphics broke into fragments of tiny coloured pixels like some splattered silicon suicide on a glass sidewalk.

It did not help.  Windows still runs like garbage.   I have 64 megabytes of RAM, and it still thrashes like crazy.  Word sucks up memory like a drunken politician.  Corel Draw is pitiful.

For a quick record, these programs run badly:

Word 7.0, Corel Draw 5.0, Adobe Photoshop 3.0, Windows 95, Clean Sweep, Norton Utilities 2.0, Crash Guard, Netscape 4.0, Norton Anti-Virus 3.0.

These programs run reasonably well:
Quicken 2.0, Front Page 98, Excel 97, Cakewalk 6.0

These programs run REALLY well:
Paintshop Pro 5.0.

Even Microsoft basically admits that their software is full of bugs.  My question is, why can't we get our money back?   Because they won't give it to you.  They simply refuse.  They laugh in your face and say, "Go to hell.  We got your money.  Don't make trouble or we'll sick our vampire lawyers on you." 

The automakers must see this and turn green with envy.  Why didn't they think of that?  "Sir, the gas tank on my Pinto just exploded incinerating my family."  "Go to hell-- what do we care."


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