Rants of 2000

Having it Both Ways

This Crazy Century

The Prison Franchise


Our Moral Decline

Go Your Own Way: Fleetwood Mac

The Slippery Slope

The Reptile's News: CNN


The So-Called Left Wing Liberal Media

Two Great Movie Ideas

Clinton & Forgiveness

Napster Hamster

George W. Bush

Unreality TV: Survivor

Janet De Vries: Your Own Page


Self Regulation


Microsoft Word Sucks

Rant of the Week

The Indispensible Diagnosis

Barbarians at the Gates at Harvard

Cherry Pie

John McCain

George Orwell

The Top 100 Albums

The Squeegee Generation



Elian - Call Home

Pushy Software

The Casualties

Coke: When You're Hot


Lions, and Tigers, and Hackers, Oh My!

Mikey Harris

Burt, Rock, and 250 Marines

The Grave of the Unknown Fool

Dr. Seuss and Chaos Theory

Digital VS Analog

Monkey Business: the Tin Drum

Galaxies Left Behind

How the Grinch Stole the Grinch

Hellelu cha cha cha! Cohen's Baleful Boogie

Recovered Constructs

The Father of Violence

The Lawyers of Walkerton

Peanuts for Pennies


Stockwell Day, Stockwell Night

Rant of the Week


Drug War Sponsors

The Jews and World War II

Gorilla Bars

The Curious Fate of Wen Ho Lee

The Worst Attorney General Ever

Exorcisms of the Left and Right

Lottery Athletes

David Irving's Apologia

Union Blues

Air BaggiesRant of the Week

The Movie is a Pinball

What Would Jesus Do?


Even Further Behind


The London Defibrillation Choir

Idiotic Previews

Rants of 2005