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The Attempted Assassination of Jessica Lynch


Sniper teams from the West Virginia State Police were positioned along the route of Private Lynch's motorcade, and staff from the state's Division of Natural Resources patrolled the Little Kanawha River, which flows beside the park where Private Lynch appeared.  NY Times, July 22, 2003

This was for a personal appearance by Jessica Lynch, the hero of the mighty war against Saddam Hussein.  Jessica Lynch single-handedly fought off an entire division of well-armed fanatic Iraqi Mujahadeen before repairing her Hummer while it was being sabotaged by a Greenpeace activist and driving a wounded Shiite cleric to the hospital where she set up a foundation to care for his children.

I mean, Jessica Lynch, whose truck rolled over and who was injured and taken to a hospital where she was treated until the marines were able to rescue her and take her to an American hospital where she could be treated.

I like Jessica Lynch.  She is on my "Not Sold Out" list because she refused to cooperate with the fanatic capitalist media exploiters who wanted to embellish her story just a little.

But they didn't need to embellish this part.  Yes, there were police snipers positioned along the motorcade route because, I suppose, some absolutely idiotic administrator with the West Virginia State Police actually believed that Saddam Hussein might try to assassinate Jessica Lynch.

[Added December 2003:]  Have you gone to see Peter Pan yet?   You ought to, really.

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