Rants of 2004


Victim: Movie Taboos - Homosexuality

Skip Palenik: Reader's Digest Analyzes

Wedding videos

Gems: Anchorage by Michelle Shocked

Thomas Friedman on War

Anne Murray Hanging Around in LA

Top Ten Scandalss


Janet Jackson at the Superbowl

Pepsi - Pretend Pirates

Ann Coulter Takes Max Cleland

Passion of the Christ

Having a Gay Old Time

Defense of Marriage Act

McNamara - My Foggy War

St. Benedict's Dress Code

Roy S. Moore


Terrorism - Brute Force

Shawshank Deception

Grace Slick

Packaging the Next Big Thing

Nellie McKay

The Myth of Doctrinal Purity


Oh Neil! 

Bobby Kennedy's Assassination

Where is Mr. Greene's Nobel Prize?

We Lock Up Mr. Bojangles for a Long Time

Corporate Welfare Mothers

Is There a Single Honest Athlete a

Looking for my Lo and Behold

Purna Raj Bajracharya Comes to America and Finds Out That God Shed his Light on Thee

Limits of Health Care

Mother Theresa's Big Spin

None of us Unhappy

Update on Damien Echols

1968 Olympics - Black Power Salute

This Song is Your Song

Life is a Musical

Cohen Farts at the WTC

Strong Religious Beliefs and Cheney's Mutt

Billy Graham's Puritanical Zeal


Rants of 2005