Rant of the Week

The Joke


The Judicial Committee Hearings on Judge Alito are the funniest in years.  The Democrats ask him what his view on abortion is and he says he has no views and even if he did, it would be unethical for the Senate to approve of a candidate to the Supreme Court who could actually explain what he thinks about the law.

  The Republicans crawl on the floor and kiss his wounded knee.  His wife bursts into tears and flees the room.  Oh, those nasty, nasty, vicious, oppressing, liberals!

George Bush admits that he nominated a man with no views at all.  He would like Alito to approach each case that comes before the Supreme Court the way a good chef approaches brain surgery.

Is anybody really confused?  The Bush Administration knows that it could never nominate the candidate it really wants-- James Dobson-- to the Supreme Court, so they find a low-profile candidate and tell him to hide his views and then try to pass him off as a moderate and attack the Democrats for being obstructionist and for supporting "activist" judges. 

It's not an activist judge that locks up people without trial?  Or has evidence destroyed so DNA testing can't prove innocent people have been executed?

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