Rant of the Week

Living in a Police State


The Bush Administration asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit against AT&T for complying with a government "request" to turn over-- without the inconvenient assistance of an actual warrant or subpoena--  information about millions of private phone calls made by Americans.

The government argued that the judge needed to protect national security by turning a blind eye to this rather blatant invasion of personal privacy.  The judge declined to do so.

What's wrong with you people out there?  Can't you read?  Why are there no marchers in the streets?  Where are the raging editorials?  Where are the outraged investigative pieces on the news?

I'm not mad.  I'm just curious.  I read your constitution and your bill of rights and I've heard you sing your anthems, and I've see your tattoos and your bumper stickers.  So where are you now?

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