Rants of 2006

Canada's Murder Rate

Senator Russ Feingold

Flight 93

Samuel Alito

copyright and copy protection

Why Not Use an Uncopyable Medium?

The Cat Came Back

Alito's joke

Paul Bernardo's Mom

James Frey & Oprah

Cisneros Redux

Diebold's Election Machine Scam

christians on popular culture

televisionization of the internet

There is no War on Terror

Rolling Stones at the Superbowl

$20,000 Per Household

Blair Bans the Glorification of Terrorism

Free Speech in Austria

Like Whatever

Reviving Memories of Janet Reno's Incredible Incompetence

Michael Powell's Women's Breasts

Strange World, Master Jack

Iraq as Dollar Auction

Sam Stone - John Prine

Poppy Family


Yoohoo Clarence Thomas Wake Up

Worst Singles of All Time


Larry Ross - Marketing the Passion

Revenge is Empty


Hamid Hayat terrorism Bush Moslem

Lee R. Raymond's Compensation

Bush and Privacy

Microsoft Buys Out the Competition

Buy a Politician

Four Great Songs of the Early Sixties

Vioxx and Juries

Marginal stuff

another hapless victim of FBI perversity

The Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion

Baseball Statistics and Copyright


The Night They Drove old Dixie Down

American Sheep

Canadian Jihad

Qayyum Abdul Jamal

Thought Crimes

They Hanged Themselves

As I Went Out One Morning by Bob Dylan

Living in a Police State

Save the Tiger: the Devil Wears Prada

James Ward

That's What You Get for Lovin' Me


Minimum Wages - Estate Taxes

Al Qaeda and the Plots

You Can be Too Careful: Flight 923 to Boston

My 1964 Dodge Dart and a Brush with Death

Iwo Jima

Defending Failed Policy in Iraq

Terror on an Unimaginable Scale

Pyschotic Torturer Judge -  Richard Posner

Advocates of Torture

The Artlessness of Sound in American Movies

Scorcese's Undeserved Oscar

Al Qaeda is Coming! Al Qaeda is Coming!

Shut up and Vote with the Rest of Us - the Jury System

The Rehabilitation of Poor Marie Antoinette

Viet Nam - 20 years Later

On Beautiful Losers

Bob Dylan in London, Ontario, November 3, 2006

Real to Real

The Tragedy of Serious Comedians

A Christmas Tree in Court

Anastasia Redux

Rants of 2005