Rants of 2013

Keith Richards: the Sins we Acknowledge

Anton Newcomb

Cheaters: Lance Armstrong

Nobody Cares About These People

Mumford and Sons

The Package: Amanda Knox

Harbinger: Lee Radziwill

Immunities of the Damned

PDFs for Losers


DSMed To Death

Cost of Warfulness

The Hostage Crisis

Marathon Bombing

Method Umpires: Angel Hernandez

Sherry and Ray

weak tea

The President's Ego

Todd Hoffner & the Zealotes


Secret Police

Zimmerman Roshomon

Rant of the Week

Scurrilous Police toys

The Drugs of War


Lanny Breuer's Liege

Dan Rather Lies to the World

As if a Wedding Vow

Hannah Arendt

Van der lubbe

The Awful MLK Memorial

The M26 Pershing

The Hip Replacement

Cry for Broadway

Skyler's Complaint


John Cusack Syndrome

Rant of the Week

Enlighten CIA

Rant of the Week

Thirsty Lips: Sayyid Qutb

The Transgressive

Hanggliding from the Twin Towers

Having it Both Ways with J. D. Salinger

Afflicted Audience: the man-boy in U.S. cinema

Nasal Remedies - Wilhelm Fliess

Conservative Resistance to Hitler

Feminine Universe

A Woman in a Car in Washington DC

Camille Claudel

The Decline of the Alien Franchise

Book Thieves

50th Anniversary Conspiracy

Air Miles

Rant of the Week

Ban High School Academics!

Rant of the Week

Rant of the Week

Rant of the Week

Rant of the Week

Rant of the Week

Rants of 2013