by Bill Van Dyk

CBC Hysteria: tunnel vision

Why does the CBC do this?  A CBC reporter happened upon the story of a tunnel found in a wooded area near the University of Toronto and, for the next week, never failed to use the word "terror" in every report connected to it.  Ooooo--- it is near a venu that will be used during the PanAm games!  We know that they are probably a top target of Isis!

It was, perhaps, the most narcissistic news story of the year, so far: the CBC reporting on itself being absolutely, hysterically, almost sexually obsessed with what an amazing story this was. 

It was a nothing story.  It was trivial.  It was not newsworthy in any respect whatsoever, except, perhaps, as a minor, one-off triviality. 

But without a current contagion story in it's dossier, the CBC had to do something to keep listeners riveted.

The most offensive part of it all was the way they kept insisting that the entire world was now enthralled with this ridiculous story and was waiting with baited breath for every new installment from the CBC, and couldn't wait to hear Gill Deacon speculate as to what the purpose of this tunnel was. 

It was nauseating and utterly unworthy of the CBC.



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Wednesday, May 05, 2021